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Bitcoin Price: How far can you go in 2020?

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The price of the market’s leading cryptomoney is always a subject of ongoing discussion. After the third Bitcoin Halving, interest in this topic has become even more recurrent. How far can Bitcoin Storm go in 2020? This is a question that many people ask themselves and that, despite having some projections, is difficult to specify.

Bitcoin Price: How far can it go?

Different market analysts have offered their analysis and perspectives regarding the price of Bitcoin during this year. But how far can Bitcoin go in 2020? Although it is difficult to decipher, there are many bets that insist on an increase in the price of the asset in the market in the coming months.

The event, which takes place every four years, is said to be responsible for triggering a Bitcoin valuation. Recently, according to PlanB’s analysis, six months after the halving of 2020, the price of Bitcoin may start an upward trend that will culminate in a price of $288,000 for cryptomoney.

But this prediction falls short of the one made by Forbes analyst Clem Chambers, who commented in his last article that he expects Bitcoin to reach $1 million.

Can 1 Bitcoin be worth 1 million dollars?

Vitalik Buterin doesn’t think the price of Bitcoin should go up because of Halving
The co-founder of Ethereum has expressed through his Twitter account that he believes that the price of the market-leading cryptomone, Bitcoin, may not be affected by Bitcoin’s Halving. That is, the price would not increase while anchored to this event.

Through the social network he expressed his mistrust of the theory of Bitcoin’s price increase due to Halving. Saying that it is impossible to verify.

Binance launches virtual conference: Off the Charts

As the cryptography industry continues to mature, companies have made great strides in developing the core facets of the blockchain ecosystem, providing new services and financial opportunities to people around the world.

From day one, Binance has worked to grow the blockchain ecosystem within its community. This remains a central theme for Binance as they approach their third anniversary.

On July 14, 2020, Binance will host „Off the Charts!“ Virtual Conference , a global event not to be missed with some of the biggest names in blockchain and cryptography, from leading innovators and business and technology leaders to influential academics and key policy makers.

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