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Golem & OpenAI Partner to Harness Supercomputing Power

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• OpenAI is partnering with Golem to harness the supercomputing power for their ChatGPT app.
• OpenAI will use Golem’s available computing power to balance the load on Microsoft’s Azure data centre during peak hours.
• The partnership between OpenAI and Golem marks one of the largest IaaS projects in the cryptocurrency community to date.

OpenAI and Golem: Harnessing Supercomputing Power

OpenAI Limited Partnership has begun negotiations with Golem (GLM) to utilize their decentralized supercomputer infrastructure in order to harness powerful supercomputing power for its popular ChatGPT app. This collaboration is set to become one of the largest Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) projects in the cryptocurrency community, and a successful testing phase could mean that OpenAI would be able to leverage Golem’s computing resources during peak hours in order to help balance out the load on Microsoft’s Azure data centre.

Why Does OpenAI Need Supercomputing Power?

Due to its growing popularity, chatGPT faces significant difficulties expanding its servers fast enough to meet demand. As a result, it has been relying heavily on Microsoft’s Azure data centre for expansion purposes – however, this has posed an additional challenge for OpenAI as they strive toward ambitious growth targets.

How Can Golem Help?

Golem offers a unique tokenomics approach that allows them to provide users with access to massive amounts of computational resources on-demand through blockchain technology. This makes it ideal for AI computation as both can be parallelized and divided into thousands of servers connected throughout the world.

What Is The Agreement Between OpenAI And Golem?

If testing proves successful, OpenAI will become one of the largest buyers of GLM tokens in order reserve their right to use this decentralized supercomputer infrastructure provided by Golem. This agreement also ensures that tokenomics remains central focus within this project.


The announcement of this cooperation between two key players in cryptocurrency is certainly exciting news for anyone interested in blockchain technology and its potential applications. With further developments between these two organisations set take place over the coming months, we look forward seeing what other advancements may come from this collaboration.

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